Saturday, September 13, 2014

WERK! New York Fashion Week SS 2015

With New York Fashion Week filling up my Instagram and Twitter feed, I feel like it's an appropriate time to neglect my studies and talk about Spring 2015 fashion. It's the first cold day of the season here in Denver, so thinking about spring is helping me forget the schmutz that's falling from the sky at the moment. 

Four trends really stood out this year (so far -- it seems like fashion week is a little like the Grammy's. A lot of preparation and excitement, it's all pretty much enjoyable, but after the third Iggy Azalea performance you're getting ready to get back to regularly scheduled programming). 

Psychedelic prints (Anna Sui, Thom Browne)
Proceed with absolute caution. You could go from loud and proud to "Laugh-In" if you aren't careful. Be smart about this trend and stick to one psychedelic print. 

Anna Sui
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Thom Browne
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Gingham (DVF, Altuzarra)
Classic and classy. Gingham was likely in your mom's closet and your grandma's closet. With some simple tailoring, you could turn some great vintage gingham finds into a spring go-to outfit. Just be sure to update the look with age appropriate and on-trend tailoring. Vintage power suits and prairie skirts may be beyond help, so maybe stick to gingham (and wallet friendly) stores like J. Crew and the Gap. 

Diane Von Furstenberg
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Shoulder Cutouts (Prabal, Victoria Beckham)
If any trend is going to be done to death this year, I have a strong feeling it's going to be shoulder cutouts. It'll be 2014's peplum. If you want to bare your shoulders, get in on the trend before it's anywhere and everywhere. Before you know it, the look will be popping up in junior highs across the heartland. 

Prabal Gurung
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Victoria Beckham
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But most importantly, a few major runways like Betsey Johnson and Telfar featured REAL WOMEN! Yes, I know that in the world of high fashion it's somewhat important to have a woman with a body like a wooden hanger, but seriously. Hangers don't wear clothes. People do. (Granted, the women walking in the shows mentioned above are still thinner than the average woman, but they have hips! And boobs!). Granted, finding shows that featured real, normal women was a task, but I really hope this catches on. Hardly any women are built like super tall 12 year old boys.

Betsey Johnson
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Photo courtesy

And what better way for fashionistas and fashion buyers to see what new designs will look like than to see them on bodies that fit their target audience? I don't think the stereotypical runway model is going to fall by the wayside, but this is a wonderful thing to see. 

Alright, off of my soapbox and onto my next class. For the record, law school is a bitch but is proving to be a life saver!