Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I finally got my Zooey D glasses! (Sponsored post)

Hello, you fabulous boys and girls!
I’m super excited to be writing today because it’s my first sponsored post! Firmoo was kind enough to send me the most adorable and comfortable Zooey Deschanel-style glasses. I know that quite a few of you have been looking for a less expensive alternative to Zooey’s Olivier Peoples Wacks glasses and I think I found them:
So what is Firmoo? They are an online company who sell glasses (prescription, sunglasses, and clear lenses) to cost-conscious fashionistas like me. In fact, the first time you order from Firmoo, your glasses and lenses (anything other than 1.50 index single vision lenses) are FREE! You just pay s&h (which, btw, is super reasonable). Just clickity click here for more info:

After picking out the style I wanted (the Unisex Full-Frame Acetate with tortoiseshell frames and clear lenses – Your girl has always wanted glasses but was the lucky/unlucky sister with 20/15 vision), Firmoo promptly sent out the exact glasses I wanted complete with a hard case, a soft case, a micro-fiber lens cloth, one screwdriver, and extra screws. Crazy, right?! While the frames I ordered have been discontinued, the p-1240 and the p-1205 are very similar – and super cute!
Side note: I need a bang trim like WOAH. Oh, and the lip gloss is Stila "Grapefruit."
The glasses themselves are very substantial. While they don’t have a “true” spring hinge, they fit my ginormous noggin perfectly. Said noggin has always created trouble in the glasses department for me so I was SO happy these fit so well. Even at full price ($25) I would still buy these peepers! Shipping was quick (possibly because I ordered clear frames).

Overall, I think you would be crazy not to check out Firmoo. I promise I would never ever promote a product or brand I didn’t believe in 100%. Between the great product, fast shipping, extensive selection, and fabulous customer service, I strongly urge you to check them out! (Real talk: I don’t get anything extra if you lovely buttons order glasses. I’m just looking out for you – Promise!)
Happy Happy!
Have questions about my new spectacles? Drop me a line in the comments section!
Thanks for popping in!
Melissa, The Shop Therapist