Friday, June 29, 2012

Beating the summer (or office) heat

It's no secret that I hate the heat. 5 days of 100+ degree weather and a sometimes-functioning air conditioner at the office makes for a cranky and sweaty girl. Luckily my office has a pretty lax dress code that allows for skirts and tank tops -- But what are your options when you work in a suit and tie office that heats up to 90 degrees by 2pm? 

1. Layer
Summer Layers for the Office

Staying within office dress code, start in the morning with layers -- Each of which is office appropriate. A skirt, lightweight silk blouse, cotton blazer, and scarf allow for maximum outfit  versatility. Oh, and going light on the accessories and wearing your hair in a chic bun will save you some discomfort. 

2. Stay away from synthetics
We've all seen the ads about how cotton is the fabric of our lives. In the summer, we should all take that to heart. Natural fibers BREATHE. You know why? Because they aren't PLASTIC! Synthetic fabrics like rayon don't allow for proper air circulation and trap heat between you and your clothes. This makes you hotter so you sweat more. Major ew. If you can avoid them, ditch the synthetics on super hot days and stick to cotton, silk, and lightweight wool. 

3. Keep a spare shirt in your office
Big meetings always seem to happen right after you get some major schmutz on your shirt or you've been roasting in your cubicle for 4 hours. My advice? Stock up on some reinforcements. A sleek white oxford will go with most anything -- or at least it will get you through the rest of the day. Go with something wrinkle-free because chances are no one will have an ironing board in the board room. My favorite wrinkle-free options are from Eddie Bauer and Banana Republic 

When all else fails, ask your boss if you can work remotely in the comfort of a 68 degree Starbucks. Your wardrobe is too fabulous to be ruined by icky sticky sweat. 

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