Thursday, May 31, 2012

Flats are for quitters.

Charlotte Olympia F/12. Photo courtesy
(Full disclosure: I'm writing this post barefoot sitting on my giant purple chair all loopy from a migraine/vicodin. If things don't make sense -- more so than usual -- that's why, my Buttons!)

So I was just watching The Conversation, that new interview show on Lifetime with Amanda de Cadenet. She asked Diane von Furstenberg what her vice was. Amanda said her vice was shoes and Diane responded that shoes aren't a vice; shoes are a necessity (or something to that effect). I couldn't agree more. Wedges, stilettos, platforms, chunky heels, funky heels: I love them all. But size really does matter. 

Oh, and the title of this post? It's probably my most favorite quote from 30 Rock. Yes, I wear flats when I walk to work and I'm barefoot when I'm doing yoga, but for me, anything lower than a 3 inch heel just doesn't work. It doesn't make sense to me. With shoes, it's all or nothing. Ballet flats or ankle breakers. Anything in between is just wrong. I may be 5' 8" but I ADORE sky high heels. The engineering that goes into the perfect pair of stilettos baffles and amazes me. The design that occurs simultaneously fills my little heart with joy. 

Ok, I'm done with my loopy ranting. It's time for some serious shoe love. Side note: I know the price points for these beauties is astronomical but 1) a girl can dream, 2) you get what you pay for, 3) shopping mall knock-offs make me want to cry. 

Alexander McQueen F/12. Photo courtesy
Alexander McQueen F/12. Photo courtesy
Nicholas Kirkwood F/12. Photo courtesy

Jerome C. Rousseau F/12. Photo courtesy
Nicholas Kirkwood F/12. Photo courtesy
Chelsea Paris F/12. Photo courtesy
Casadei F/12. Photo courtesy
John Galliano F/12. Photo courtesy
Tory Burch F/12. Photo courtesy
Alejandro Ingelmo F/12. Photo courtesy
Diane von Furstenberg F/12. Photo courtesy
Stuart Weitzman F/12. Photo courtesy
Diego Dolcini F/12. Photo courtesy

Nicholas Kirkwood F/12. Photo courtesy

Roger Vivier F/12. Photo courtesy
Yves Saint Laurent F/12. Photo courtesy

Gio Diev F/12. Photo courtesy
Versus F/12. Photo courtesy
Edmundo Castillo F/12. Photo courtesy
Pedro Garcia F/12. Photo courtesy

Burak Uyan F/12. Photo courtesy
Diego Dolcini F/12. Photo courtesy

So there you go! Just a few of my Fall 2012 favorites. My birthday isn't until October but I'll gladly accept gifts in the form of footwear in advance ;) 

Melissa, your Shop Therapist

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