Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring fabulousness on the cheap

My dear sweet besties! Spring is officially upon us. Since I'm in Denver, I can't quite put away my sweaters yet. However, it was an unseasonably warm March so I've been stocking up on spring stuff and have been finding new uses for old clothes I've forgotten about. With all of the new spring/summer trends, it's hard to decide what to spend your hard earned cash on. Fear not! The Shop Therapist is here to help! Here are a few of my favorite starlets looking fresh as a spring daisy and some inexpensive ways to get the look: 

So obvi Dutchess Kate (I'm still mad at the queen for not giving her the Princess title but whateves) is one of my favorite people. Not only is her style amazeballs but I think she and I would totally be bffs. This easy breezy look is probably already in your closet! 
Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge
So Miranda Kerr has it all and I should totally hate her but I can't. She's gorgeous, has killer style, an adorbs husband, and super cute babbeh. This spring look is so simple yet stylish. Swapping out the shoes for gladiator sandals and ditching the jacket would make this a great summer look, too: 

Miranda Kerr Spring 2012 Trend
My girl Zooey Deschanel IS springtime. Even in the dead of winter, ZD is a ray of sunshine -- Maybe because she lives in LA and it never drops below 65 but still. Her colorful outfits are super fun and absolutely adorable. Plus, almost everything she wears can be tailored to any body type. L.O.V.E.!
Zooey Deschanel Spring 2012 Trends
So there you have it! A few It Girls and how to get their schmancy looks on the cheap. As always, give me a shout when you have other fashion conundrums and queries! Happy Spring to all!
Melissa, The Shop Therapist

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