Saturday, February 4, 2012

Treat yo self!

Hey Button Bears! Sorry I've been slightly MIA. I just realized that I've been working on this post for 3 days. In reality, I couldn't decide what to treat myself to. Anyhoozelbeez, I hope you guys like what I came up with in my Polyvore collage! 

I've always been the type of person who responds exceedingly well to rewards. So, for various reasons, I feel  like I deserve a reward of some type. I'll explain more about what's up later but for now, let's get down to shiny. I'm thinking a killer pair of shoes but after browsing Barney's, I've decided that I would get two rewards instead of just one! So, my kindergarten logic aside, here's a collage of the superfunstuffs I've had my eyeballs on for the past few weeks/months/years: 
Treat yo self!

Since you're all completely fabulous, I think you deserve to treat yo self, too! Tweet or post your new sparkle. It'll be like a virtual show and tell! Now go out and TREAT YO SELF! 

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