Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spring break without going broke

Ok, so I have to be honest here: In college, I never took a spring break "woohoo" trip. The one time I did plan a mini vacay, my plans were thwarted by a blizzard so huge that it closed the airport for a few days. However, I have had my fair share of travel and vacation experience. 28 years and 22 countries later, while I'm still no travel expert, I know a fair amount about pre-vacay shopping and packing. 

Here are some outfit ideas for you little lovelies! I'm severely lacking in funds so I'm going to have to live vicariously through you, my fellow world travelers! 
Spring Break 2012

Just a note (or two): SUNSCREEN! SPF will save your life. A tan may look good now, but sun damage and skin cancer are two things no one wants to deal with. Oh, and flip flops. I admit that I have no less than 2 dozen pair of J.Crew and Havianas flip flops but step it up for this vacation. Just don't get too gladiator-ish. I always get the lolz when I see someone with sandals that lace and buckle up to their knees. Back to the action...
New York spring break vacation

Who doesn't love NYC? There's always something to do, somewhere to go, and stuff to buy. That being said, you need to be comfortable -- but  be careful not to look like a tourist. And I know what you're thinking about the black dress but I think every girl deserves a Carrie Bradshaw moment in the Big Apple! 

Ski vacation

I just realized I left off something important here: sunscreen. Another thing that makes me lol is a ski mask sunburn. Aside from the obvious skin cancer and aging concerns, you look ridic. Oh, and although I'm a life-long Colorado girl, I hate winter sports. I hate being cold and I hate being cold and soggy. Oh, and I'm afraid of heights. I live less than 2 hours from some of the best ski resorts in the world but I'd much rather spend my winter mountain fun times drinking hot chocolate and people watching in the lodge. 

So there you have it! My spring break must-haves for snow, surf, and the city! Enjoy your spring break and don't do anything Joe Francis would tell you to do! 
Melissa, The Shop Therapist 

ps -- Don't forget to come back tomorrow for my Grammys red carpet live blog!!

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