Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to best dress your nest

Hey there, Buttons! 
So far this bliggity blog has been all about making yourself look your best, but it would be remiss not to talk about creating a fabulous living space! I've never been able to pin down an exact decorating style. Honestly, my (chic, if I may say so) apartment is a blend of contemporary, midcentury modern, traditional, and, let's be honest, Hello Kitty. I guess I'm best described as "eclectic." Just don't show me anything that's uber country or kitschy. I'll punch you in the junk. 
My home, photo courtesy
I don't fancy myself any sort of a professional decorator. I find things that I like and find a way to make them work -- and I love doing it. I think it's partly because I loved staying home "sick" ;) when I was in grade school and would watch interior design shows with my mom. My 600sqft studio has been carefully tweaked to create a warm, cozy place to sleep and a vibrant, fun area to work and watch TV. And I have to tell you that 75% (or more) of my furniture has come from my friend Haley. Her great taste in furniture -- and everything, really -- has allowed me to create what I think is a fabulous space ;)

Here are three of my "dream rooms" I hope to replicate in some way when I move to a space that has, well, rooms: 
Photo courtesy
Check out StyleSays to see how you can turn your square footage into these spectacular spaces! 
Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy
Happy decorating, Buttons! And don't forget I'll be liveblogging the Academy Awards Red Carpet this Sunday!!
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