Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Start 2012 with a fat wallet!

I'm going to take a break from my Golden Globe frenzy to talk shop(ping). I've given you my fitness gear advice to keep your body trim, so now it's time to talk about keeping your wallet good and fat! Most of you know that paying retail isn't something I do often. My $80 Christian Louboutins are my most prized bargain hunting trophy: 
My babies
While finding a pair of killer designer heels at 85% off is extraordinary rare, getting a great deal on fashion essentials is incredibly easy. Here's my list of the best Internet-based sales and my favorite designer discount sites after the jump! 
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My favorite fashion deal sites: 
Most fashion discount sites cover everything from women's wear to home goods to vacations. The trick is to research sales a day or two before then login as soon as the sales go live. For west coast and Mountain time zone shoppers, it can be harder to login to get the best deals. So be on the lookout for special "pop up" sales on evenings and weekends
    • This isn't your typical fashion deal site. Think of Stitch fix as your own personal stylist. They're still in beta mode but they have awesome customer service and an ever expanding collection of amazeballs clothes and accessories. 
    • Here's how it works: Get on the waiting list (in about a week you'll be in), fill out a fashion profile, and wait a few days for your first "fix" to arrive. Keep what you want, send back what isn't your style for free. Your credit card will be charged only for what you keep. It's simple, fun, and a great way to discover new designers! 
    • Oh, and make sure you tell them that I referred you. Just enter my email address ( when signing up! 
  • HauteLook: Daily sales go live at 11am Eastern
    • My YASB shift dress from Ideeli 
    • My greatest HauteLook purchase? A $10 pair of matchstick jeans. L.O.V.E.
  • Ideeli: Daily sales go live at 12pm Eastern
    • With Ideeli, you can pay a small monthly fee to have access to sales an hour earlier than everyone else. This almost guarantees you'll have first dibbs on a fabulous pair of shoes in your size before they sell out. 
    • Oh, and be on the lookout for Ideeli's Red Sale. I got this YASB dress for $29 and it's BEYOND. 
  • Gilt: Daily sales go live at 12pm Eastern
    • In my opinion, Gilt has the best sales when it comes to designers. Like, real designers. Maegan at Love Maegan is the fab blogger who introduced me to Gilt. Check out her outfit posts to see the killer Gilt collection she has amassed! 
    • Gilt also has the Gilt Insider -- A fabulous blog with info and interviews with designers! 
And a few honorable mentions: 
  • Rue La La and Daily Candy: Daily sales go live at 11am Eastern

    • Rue La La has some of the best evening sales (their morning sales aren't too bad either). 
    • Daily Candy has a smaller selection but crazy steals! 
  • My Habit: Sales go live at 12pm Eastern
    • My Habit's selection isn't nearly as vast as other deal sites, but they have some awesome bargains so check daily! 
  • Moda Operandi
    • For the most part, Moda Operandi is a window shopping experience for me. While their trunk shows are awesome, I'm still not rolling in the Birkin budget cash ;) Although I did score this Lulu Frost bracelet: 
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Just like any other online retailer, be sure to read their return policy before making any purchases. In a lot of cases, no returns are allowed. Also, search around for coupon codes for free shipping and valuable discounts to keep your wallet nice and voluptuous! 

As always, I'm here to answer any and all questions! 

Happy shopping, 

Melissa, The Shop Therapist

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