Wednesday, January 11, 2012

People's Choice Awards: Does no one have a stylist anymore?

So the People's Choice Awards is probably the most boring and cheesy prime time awards show. No one really dresses up, the scripted banter is worse than Whitney, and Rachel Ray was actually nominated for something. 

That being said, I feel like I should at least give you my best and worded dressed. It will be like a practice run for my Golden Globes wrap up (only a lot less A-listey and a lot more "that A-List celeb couldn't be here tonight so I'm accepting this glass thing on her behalf"). I officially made it through 17 minutes of the People's Choice Awards so that must be some kind of a record. 

Ok, on with the show! There was no pre-show red carpet, so I'm basing this best/worst on photos from Just Jared. Oh, and I'm only going to name the "best" designers because I'm in a good mood and don't want to offend anyone more than I already am. 

The best! 
Lea Michele in Marchesa
Photo courtesy
It pains me to say this since she gives me a major bratterpie vibe, but I really love what Lea Michele is wearing. She wears Marchesa to nearly every red carpet event and it's usually a fish tail/mermaid style dress but I'm loving this departure. Her Jimmy Choos are giving me a mean case of the whycantIhavethose, too. Ok, that's enough with the nice. 

Kristen Bell in Valentino
Photo courtesy
Kristen, you look awkward standing on the poorly lit red carpet alone. We feel your pain. You must have thought for a second that you got the date wrong. No, you didn't. You're just one of 6 celebs who showed up. Either way, you look fabulous. I hope you had plans for the rest of the evening because your ensemble is too good to be wasted on this show. 

Kaley Cuoco in Badgley Mischka
Photo courtesy
On trend, age appropriate, and off the runway. This is how the red carpet is done. Hats off to you, Miss. Cuoco. While I'm not loving your hair, your accessories and makeup overshadow your Bumpit. This is definitely one of those dresses that I'm guessing looks even better in person. Oh, and based on the 17 minutes I saw of the show, she did a surprisingly great job. 

Emma Stone in Gucci
Photo courtesy
Ok, so I love Emma Stone -- who doesn't? At first I loved her tuxedo look. Then I hated it. Now I love it. It's a bit editorial but the look can be made wearable so easily. Her red hair looks amazeballs with the green jacket and she looks effortless. Because, let's face it. This is the Sadie Hawkin's dance of Hollywood awards shows. 
The worst!
Vanessa Hudgens
Photo courtesy

Right now I'm watching I'm Pregnant and a Stripper. Even this pregnant chick would tell Vanessa Hudgens to slow ya roll. We get it. You don't want to be seen as a Disney teen princess anymore. Now go home and fire your stylist. 

Oh and don't get me started on Demi Lovato. She looked like a broke down beauty queen extra from an episode of Designing Women

Jennifer Lawrence
Photo courtesy
You know how you always find zodiac trinkets on the clearance rack? Well, this dress reminds me of one of those zodiac symbols (don't ask me which one because I think it's a bunch of bunk). So clearance rack + zodiac symbols. You get where I'm going with this. At least the swirls cover her nerps and her picachu -- And she gets points for channeling Coco

Nina Dobrev in Elie Saab
Photo courtesy
There's not much to say about this train wreck. Barnacles have attached to her arms and her tailor seemingly went missing. Oh, and her bad bridesmaid shoes (which probably cost more than a month's rent for me) are giving me a migraine. I just can't with this one. 

Ashley Greene
Photo courtesy
Ok, Ashley Greene I don't know who you are or what you're doing at the PCA's (I even got tired of typing out the whole name of this stupid show). But girl, this dress is all kinds of NO on you. It's too tight and there's too much leather. Kristen Bell did the leather and lace look without looking like the black widow, btw, so it really can be done. Give it back to Lita Ford and try again at the next B-list event you're invited to. And PS -- CBS couldn't pony up for a real red carpet with more than 2 florescent lights and a desk lamp? 

And the Shop Therapist's Golden Prescription for a New Stylist Award goes to...

Ginnifer Goodwin!
GG photo courtesy
Even Ginnifer knows this dress is as ridiculous as her first name. While I applaud her for trying to rock the neon trend, this dress is both too much and not enough at the same time. It's too long and the sleeves are too exaggerated. This dress reminds me of the old Circus Circus and while I loved their breakfast buffet and arcade, seeing it in a red carpet gown is akin to seeing said buffet breakfast in reverse. 

So there you have it! Way more misses than hits because clearly everyone in Hollywood cared less about this show that I did. 

Sweet dreams, my little Buttons (and try not to think about the Circus Circus clown)! 

Melissa, Your Shop Therapist

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