Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012! Since we're on the topic of trends...

I started this post while watching the 2012 Winter Classic on the second day of the new year (yes, hockey is my sport of choice -- Especially this game. Seeing big, burly hockey players wearing knit "touques" with a pom pom on the top warms my heart), I can't help but ponder what this year's trends will be. Undoubtedly a few of the trends I mentioned here will carry into the new year, but what will the fancy pantses at Vogue, InStyle, Marie Claire, et al be telling us to buy?

You really don't have to go far for an answer. For most trends, just go back to the S/S and F/W 2010 runways. Remember the scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda is lecturing Andy about her cerulean blue cable knit sweater?

Ok, onto the trends! 

Muted Colors ... and Tangerine
No, don't mix them. Tangerine was named as the Pantone Color of 2012. If you've never been to Pantone's website (or if you've never heard of them), check it out! Beyonce worked tangerine best, imo, at the 2011 MTV VMAs. It doesn't hurt that she has perfect skin and almost momma glow, too. 

This winter and leading into spring, color blocked muted colors like oatmeal, avocado, and taupe are anticipated to be big. But don't let these understated colors translate into drab. Mix muted jewel tones and let your accessories do the talking so add some extra oomf to your ensemble. I'm loving this trend, just be sure the colors don't wash you out. 

Oh, and the neon trend will likely be back for the spring. If you must partake, hit up H&M or Forever 21. This is not a trend that will become a staple so don't splurge on the neon -- Unless you 100% absolutely positively have to have it. In that case, go for Michael Kors. 

Basically, after typing all of this and researching color trends, what is hot lies at both ends of the color spectrum. When wearing solids, either go drab or go bright. 
Tangerine (on mute)

Tribal Wear
Channel your inner Cher with this trend -- But please. Do not take this trend literally. Leave the headbands and feathers (and headbands with feathers) on the racks. This trend is more about the patterns and less about looking like you maxed out your credit card at the Phoenix airport gift shop. Rock a killer piece of Pamela Love joorey and a subtle print that still makes a statement and you have this trend down. Oh, and this trend doesn't discriminate; any tribe will do. We're talking African, Samoan, Native American, etc. If the print is bold and beautiful, werk it! 

Tribal Love

Tribal Love by theshoptherapist featuring hidden wedge shoes

Sporting Wear
When I say "Sporting Wear" I don't mean wearing your NYC Marathon tee and basketball shorts. I'm talking about the stuff you probably wouldn't wear to the gym. Think Lacoste, Donna Karan, __. You know, the stuff you'd imagine fancy British kids wearing on the weekends at boarding school -- But mixed with neoprene. Yes, the stuff wet suits are made out of. So the next time you're tempted to meet friends for brunch in your finest Lululemon, layer a cable knit sweater and lace up some impossibly white tennies. 
Not Just for Sport

Bold Florals
Like the tribal trend, big, bold, and colorful is the way to go. Teeny daisies and roses won't cut it this year. Word on the street is flowers will be the size of bread plates, dinner plates, and even platters (can you tell I'm hungry?). Too intimidated to dive into the flower garden head first? Start with an accessory then go from there. Just don't go OTT by mixing florals. (Side-bar: when building this set on Polyvore, my computer burped and all of my pretties disappeared. Very madsad.)
So there you have it! Four of my 2012 trend predictions straight from your Shop Therapist's crystal ball. As with all trends, don't overdo it! And most importantly, have fun! 
Lots of love, 
The Shop Therapist


  1. I'd add mesh and peplum to the list. Not together :)

  2. OMG yes! There was actually a peplum dress by Sass & Bide ( I was going to include in the "Tribal" collage. And I feel like designers are finally using mesh in a way that doesn't make the garment look like club wear or workout gear.

    ps -- LOVE your blog :D


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