Friday, January 6, 2012

Work it out

Dear Shop Therapist, 
I made the same New Year's resolution that I make every year: get in shape (cliche, I know, but it's a good time to get into the groove since most gyms are having deals and Groupons). The first week of the new year is nearly gone and I have yet to set foot in the gym. I think if I had an incentive to get my tennies on and get out the door, I would be more likely to go. Do you have any advice about what to buy to get my jiggly self out the door?
- Motivated to Move It

Oh, Miss Motivated. First, let me say that a little jiggle is fabulous. Skin and bones is not in style this season (and it never ever will be). Second, I applaud you for wanting to get a workout routine started. I fully believe that exercise is an excellent form of therapy (plus as an added bonus you get to buy a whole new workout wardrobe!). Although in the interest of full disclosure, I've been staring at my yoga mat for 2 months promising myself that I'll unroll it tomorrow. A little note to all of you yogis out there: there is a reason yoga is NOT a competitive sport. Ouch. 

Onto the heavy lifting! 
Workout Wear
There's no rule anywhere that says you have to fill your closet with Lululemon and Athleta gear in order to get in shape so you can throw that excuse right out the window. Chances are you already have a suitable stash of tees, tanks, sports bras, and shorts to get you going. Honestly, no one cares what you look like when you're working out. In fact, I'm willing to bet that more people will give you the side-eye for coming to the gym h-to-t coiffed and schmancy in an $80 tank and $120 shorts with a full face of makeup. One thing that does motivate me, though, is buying a few new pretties to get me excited about hitting the treadmill. 
Girl, you gotta work

Also, since I'm not a member of a fancy gym so I don't have to worry about a dress code. Certain gyms and fitness centers, however, require tummies and/or legs be covered. Just make sure you're good to go before leaving the house. 

I used to work out at an awful gym that played even worse music. To make matters worse, the only channels their TVs had on were MSNBC and the Disney Channel. The only thing that got me through those workouts was my little pink iPod Shuffle and a giant water bottle. Bad gym entertainment aside, good equipment will keep you motivated and safe. Trust me. A better pair of running shoes would have saved me a sprained foot. 
Get in gear

Really, that's all there is to it! Be safe, feel confident, and make sure the only person you're doing this for is you. Don't let any one else's opinion of you effect how you view yourself. Self worth is NOT dictated by some snotty chick on the subway or by numbers on a scale. Love yourself, jiggle and all! 

Melissa, The Shop Therapist

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