Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coming soon: customized style advice!

Stylists and personal shoppers aren't just for Hollywood's it-girls anymore! 

Starting in February, I'll be giving personalized style and wardrobe advice as well as virtual closet organization assistance (for a small fee). Over the next week, I'll be creating a questionnaire so we can get acquainted. From there, we'll work together to create something special and superfabulous. 

I'm SO excited about getting this new venture started! Keep checking back and sign up for email updates (no spam, I promise!). 

Thank you all so much for being such loyal readers and for following my snazzy little blog! I really do appreciate all the love and support. 
Melissa, The Shop Therapist


  1. OK. THIS IS THE BEST NEWS I HAVE GOTTEN ALL DAY! Are you seriuos? B/c it is what i am always wishing for! WHAT A FREAKING AMAZING IDEA!

    1. I'm so excited that you're excited :D I'm going to come up with a business plan this weekend and hopefully have a "beta" version of this up and running by the end of February. Keep in touch so you'll be the first to know when I get the ball rolling!


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