Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 trends: When to save and when to splurge

Dear Shop Therapist,
Every year I read about fashion trends but I never know which ones to invest in (like spend Marc Jacobs money on) versus just going to Forever 21 or H&M. What are the big trends for 2012 that are worth my hard earned paycheck?

Every year there are so many trends and even more questions about what to wear and how much to spend. Here's a breakdown of a few of my favorite trends and my shopping advice! 
Tangerine statement piece
Tangerine dreams!
Verdict? Splurge and save! Spend a bit on something big like a bag, ballet flats, or outerwear then save a little on a tangerine sweater, tee, or (moderately priced) pair of colored jeans. Not ready for full-on tangerine? Stick with accessories and nail polish in this season's "it" color. 
A Little White Dress

We all know that we should have a little black dress in our closet. But this spring and summer, add a little white dress to your fashion arsenal. 

Verdict? This one depends on your budget. If you're a fashionista with a bulging bank account, then go for a big ticket dress. Otherwise, buy accordingly. Oh, and not to get too icky, but if you tend to be on the sweaty side, spending a lot on a dress that will likely get yellow under the arms may not be the best idea. 
I'm loving this trend. I'm loving it so much that I don't really see it as a trend. I think this is a look that can carry from season to season by swapping out your blouse and accessories. 
Photo courtesy

Verdict? Definitely splurge. I'm not finding many inexpensive options out there that are well made and are really worth buying. This dress from Modcloth is my favorite peplum piece. It can be dressed down for work, or up for a night out. Perfection! 
Pastels in 2012

Verdict? See my tangerine advice above. Don't go overboard by blowing a paycheck on a piece that's super trendy like a blush-colored blazer. Instead, go big on pastel accessories and summer weight sweaters. Pastel is such a hard palate to wear. Wearing too much or wearing anything too juvenile or you could end up looking like an Easter egg or toddler in disguise. 
Certain fashionistas are saying that platforms are out and that traditional stilettos, kitten heels, and wedges are the way to go this season. I say nuts to that -- I love my platforms. That being said, wedges are the shoe of the moment. 
A rainbow of wedges!

Verdict? I love shoes. Done right, they're works of art worth every last paycheck penny. So I've never been one to go for cheap shoes. A cheap, plastic shoe is more likely to cause blisters, break (we've all been victims of broken straps), and cause to back pain. So when it comes to wedges (and any other type of shoe) don't be afraid to spend a little more. I'm not saying everyone should go out and buy a pair of Charlotte Olympias; you can buy a great pair of shoes for under $100. Be a bargain hunter, know the style and color you want, don't settle for a pair just because they're on sale, and absolutely positively DO NOT buy anything plastic. Always opt for leather or satin. Your feed, hips, back, and shoulders will thank you. 

LOUD trousers/jeans
This trend is tricky. Wearing an entire landscape photograph on your pants definitely isn't for every body type. Chicken legs and no butt are pretty much required. However, those of us who actually have hips and thighs can still partake in this trend by wearing a small print or a solid bright color. 

Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy
Verdict? Ok, think of how many times you can actually wear printed jeans. I say go for a more inexpensive option -- just make sure the print is perfection and lined up at the seams. As for colored jeans? Don't spend too much because chances are, you won't be wearing them after this summer. 

Ok, I hope you don't mind my Polyvore collage overload! Just remember this basic and universal rule: Buy what fits and buy only what you need. Unless we're talking about shoes ;)
Melissa, The Shop Therapist

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