Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 Critic's Choice Awards Best and Worst Dressed

After Wednesday night's People's Choice Awards debacle (seriously, how could anyone sit through that mess?), I didn't have it in me to watch the Critics' Choice Awards. Plus, I have a lot of work ahead of me with Sunday's Golden Globes red carpet live blog and wrap-up. So, instead of giving a full list of Thursday night's fashion hits and misses, I'm just going to give you my winner and my "please just go home and try again when you get a new stylist" of the evening. 

Off to the races: 
Winner of the "My Stylist Deserves an Award, Too!" Award... 

Elizabeth Olsen!!!!!
(Honorable Mention: Shailene Woodley in Calvin Klein)
YAY! She doesn't dress like a really rich troll who lives under the Brooklyn Bridge! Don't get me wrong, I love Mary Kate and Ashley but omg get a tailor and dress like you're at least millionaires. I mean, come on. Ok, back to Elizabeth. I'm a sucker for anything Pucci and anything beaded. Elizabeth wore this dress like it was her job. H-to-T the look is perfection. It's tailored perfectly and everything is age-appropriate. Perfection. 
Photo courtesy
Winner of the "please just go home and try again when you get a new stylist" award is... 

Michelle Williams
(Honorable Mention: Jessica Chastain in Pepto Bismol)

Photo courtesy
I got a case of the major madsads when I saw this. Ms. Monroe would NOT approve. Granted, there were only a handful of A-Listers on the red carpet (and no, I'm not including you in the A-List count, Stacey Keibler). The stark color and texture contrast with the black and white just doesn't work. I have my fingers crossed for a major hit on Sunday. I really like her and hate seeing her look anything less than fabulous. 

Peace out, Girl Scouts! Oh, and I just saw that the Miss USA or Miss America pageant is on tomorrow (I hope it's the one with the talent portion). Expect a post on my most favorite fashion disaster event of the season! And just think, in a few short years, this slice of awesome may be competing for the sash, roses, and tiara her mother wants so badly: 

Melissa, The Shop Therapist

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