Friday, December 9, 2011

Ombré glitterbombalicious nails!

Ok so here is the promised ombré glitter nail tutorial! First, I must give credit where credit is due: Syl and Sam have some amazeballs ideas, tips, and tricks that go well beyond nails. Without them, my nails would be sparkly black and pink mush on a cotton ball.

For Christmas (and because my nails are longer than normal), I’m going to make my nails super schmancy with 3 colors of nail polish and one color of glitter. You can go simple with just a base color and a top ombré color, but for you, I’m going all out!

So here’s what you need (mini disco balls optional, but highly suggested):
My supplies
Base coat: 1 bottle of nail polish in a flat color that covers in 2 coats MAX (shimmery, glittery, or iridescent colors don't look quite as nice). I’m using OPI’s “Siberian Nights.” (btw – I’m still on the hunt for an opaque white that doesn’t require 4 coats to cover so if anyone has a suggestion, leave a comment! I think white would make a super cute base coat)
Ombré color #1: I’m using Orly’s "Space Cadet."
Ombré color #2: I’m using OPI’s "Passion for NY Fashion."
Glitter!: I’m using OPI for Sephora’s Nail Glitter in pink. They don’t have very many colors so I would suggest hitting up the craft store and getting a package of Martha Stewart’s glitter. It will seriously change your life (and not just because everything you own will be covered in it for life. My girl Love Maegan uses Martha’s glitter glue – I’m guessing the glitter glue makes much less of a glitterbomb).
Top coat: I use Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat. It’s pretty shiny and actually dries really fast unlike most “fast-dry” top coats. Plus it’s inexpensive!
Sponge: This is what makes the ombré effect. The denser the sponge is, the better. Syl and Sam suggested a makeup sponge – Cut off a piece for each ombré color.
Small paint or makeup brush: This will help with the glitter process.
Nail polish remover pen: I love Sephora’s but as you can see, mine is getting a little raggedy. In lieu of the pen, take an orange stick and cover it with a little piece of cotton ball. Dip that in nail polish remover and voila! The perfect thing to get nail polish off of anywhere it shouldn’t be.

Onto the jazzy funtimes!

Step 1:
Paint two coats of your base color on clean nails (no lotion, oil, etc. That stuff leads to bubbles in your nails. Ew. Oh, and push your cuticles back – don’t cut!).
Paint your nails. You know the drill. 
Step 2:
Once your base coat is completely dry, paint a dab of ombré color #1 onto a sponge piece. Dab the sponge gently onto your nails – Go lighter at the bottom then gradually increase your pressure as you get to the top of your nail. Basically, the base coat should show at the base then color #1 should go from lighter to darker going up the nail.
Paint a little polish on the sponge
Dab lightly at the top then lighter as
you work towards the base of your nail
Step 3:
Once ombré color #1 is completely dry, get going with ombré color #2. Get your glitter ready, too. I put my glitter pot in a dish to catch flyaway glitter. Here’s the tricky part (and it’s not super tricky so don’t worry): Paint ombré color #2 on a clean sponge piece and start ombré-ing towards the middle of your nail. Immediately dip your first nail into the glitter just a liiiitttttttle bit so it doesn’t cover all of your pretty ombré work. Do this one nail at a time so your nails don’t get too dry to pick up the glitter.
and dip!

Step 4 (optional):
Check out your nails. If one needs a touch more glitter, use a small brush to apply extra sparkle.

Step 5: Once every layer is completely dry, use your top coat. Chances are if you’re anything like me, you colored outside the lines a little bit. Bust out your orange stick or remover pen. *Helpful tip* Cleaning the polish off your skin without smudging your nails can be difficult. So, the next time you hop in the shower, carefully use your nails to remove any excess polish. The moisture softens your skin and lets the polish come off really easy – Without chemicals, too!

Step 6: Tweet me pics of your new pretty ombré sparkle/fabulous/glitterriffic nails! 

*Therapist's note: Not only are sparkly nails next to impossible to photograph, my choice of colors didn't create the best ombré effect. In hindsight, I could have used another color instead of "Space Cadet" but whateves! I hope you guys get what I was going for! Now get to work and make some glitterbombalicious nails!   

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