Friday, November 4, 2011

So, why are you seeking therapy?

I’m not going to pretend that I’m a fashion, style, or mental health expert. I know there are plenty of other fashion/style/lifestyle blogs out there but this one is different. For one, I’ll actually update it regularly (I promise I intend to keep!). I also plan on doling out a fresh dose of shop therapy – No health insurance co-pay necessary. The plan is to have a daily post on a set topic as well as certain posts that I think you, my fashion patients, would love to read about (or just look at the pictures because, let’s face it. Fashion photography can be beautiful/weird/gross/confusing/awesome).

Here’s the rundown my pretty new patients:

-       Style Icon Sunday

-       New Week, New Designer Monday

-       Bargain Tracking Tuesday

-       What I Wore Wednesday

-       Therapy Thursday featuring fashion and beauty advice

-       DIY Friday

-       Shoe Psychotherapy Saturday

In the mean time, I leave you this slice of fabulous to meditate on:

Photo courtesy Charlotte Olympia. Price: $1,499 (totes worth it IMO).

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