Friday, November 25, 2011

Sanity for Santa: A few prescriptions for winter skin

Ok so this little therapist's life is going to be topsy-turvy for the next week so my Friday DIY adventures will have to wait. In lieu of a project, I'm leaving you buttons some gift ideas that just happen to be my most favoritest things to combat evil dry skin that I absolutely positively cannot live without! 

If the Body Shop ever discontinues these sticks of heaven, I will be beyond devastated. It's definitely my "stranded on a desert island item." This chapstick is perfect. It isn't shiny, there's no color, no overwhelming smell/taste, AND it has SPF 15 in it! In fact, I just put some on after I typed that last sentence. I've been using this chapstick for over 10 years. Trust me -- If it can get me through dry Colorado winters, it's good stuff. I've tried to use other less expensive brands but nothing compares to TBS's Vitamin E Lip Care. Anyone who knows me and has been around me when I can't find my chapstick, they know how spastic I become. I could seriously write a whole post about this mini miracle! 

So not only is Skin Kiss the greatest moisturizer ever, but it's also manufactured and sold by one of my bffs Haley. Her Denver-based store -- Haley's Heart -- is seriously the greatest store on the planet. And no, I'm not overselling it. They literally have something for everyone and if they don't have it, they'll find it. Ok, back to the Skin Kiss. I don't remember the whole story but from what I remember, Haley's mom created this glycerine-based all-over moisturizer a while back. You put it on after you shower and you're silky smooth and ready to move! This bottle will last you forever, too. HH doesn't have online ordering yet so give them a call and they'll hook you up! And if you're in Denver, pop in and plan on spending an hour shopping and another hour chatting with Haley and her family ;) 

MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask, $32
After I nearly destroyed my hair by having it bleached and straightened within an inch of its life, my hairdresser recommended (insisted, really) that I try MoroccanOil's Intense Hydrating Mask. Now that I'm two years removed from my bleached-out days and back to my natural (I think? It's been 15 years) color, I still use this hair mask at least twice a month to hydrate the ends of my almost-too-long hair. Not only have I learned my lesson when it comes to over processing my hair -- And spending money I don't have on salon visits -- But I've also learned about the amazeballs powers of argan oil. Made from the seeds of a special tree that can only grow in Morocco, argan oil is known for its restorative properties. I'm no chemist, but I'm in love with all things argan oil! 

NutraSonic 4-Speed Facial Cleansing System, $69.99
Confession time: I'm hopelessly addicted to the Home Shopping Network (or HSN as those of us in the know call it). It's so calming. In fact, it's helped stave off more than one panic attack. I could seriously watch Bill Green sell tap water at 2am. L.O.V.E. 
Anyhoozelbeez, my first HSN purchase was a NutraSonic cleanser. It's less than half the price of a Clarisonic and, IMO, just as effective. I use mine once or twice per week (any more and my face gets oily AND dry). I'm still shopping around for the perfect cleanser for my once awful/now better-ish skin, but for now, my Nutrasonic is what's doing the dirty work to make my skin shine -- In a good way! 

So, there you have it! My skin prescriptions to get any girl in any climate through gross winter skin. I'm totally leaving things out but winter is only just beginning here in Colorado so I'll be sharing more of my must-haves as the season progresses! 

Now, off to bed, you! Rest and hydration are the best (and cheapest!) beauty secrets for any season. 
Tater tots, 
Melissa, your Shop Therapist

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