Friday, November 11, 2011

The (wannabe) New Girl

Dear Shop Therapist,

So I’m loving the Zooey Deschanel’s cutesey-hipster-carefree look. She’s so cute and quirky but I don’t know where to begin. What are a few outfit options to get me on the right track so I don’t look like I’m homeless or trying too hard?

The (wannabe) New Girl

Oh hey there, New Girl!

Zooey D’s new show is my new favorite and her style is so fantastic. She makes glasses, flats, and zainy prints so effortlessly chic. Here are a few outfit options ranging from “I actually have enough cash in my wallet to pay for this whole outfit” to “Imma spend my whole paycheck and cereal for dinner for 2 weeks.”

Here are a few of my favorite looks. I’ve looked at various photos all day and I swear this girl rarely wears pants! I mean, she’s always wearing bottoms – It’s just usually a skirt or a dress. As for Zooey's hair, she claims to have had the same hairstyle since she was a kid (minus the year she went blonde -- Which she says was "weird). Long dark waves and thick bangs frame her face so her glasses don't overwhelm her face. Also, ZD doesn't overdo it with accessories. Aside from her now-signature frames and the occasional small earring, she lets her clothes do the talking. 

Speaking of glasses, this post wouldn't be complete without info on this new it girl's specs. I don't need glasses, but I'm really tempted to pick up some Ray Ban Wayfarers with clear lenses ;) 

Photo courtesy
The real deal: Oliver Peoples "Wacks Optical Eyeglasses," $320

Break the bank:  Oliver Peoples "Wacks Optical Eyeglasses," $320
Pricey, but justifiable: Ray Ban "Wayfarers," $159
I don't need prescription frames but I love this look: Urban Outfitters "Clarkeye Readers," $14

A favorite look from this week's The New Girl
Photo courtesy
The real deal: Unknown designer(s) 

Kelly green long sleeve crew neck sweater: J. Crew "Tippi Sweater" in Monterey Pine, $69.50
Polka dot shorts (I thought it was a skirt at first, but re-watched the epi and realized they're shorts. Oops!): ModCloth "Pep in Your Step" shorts, $44.99 - or- Forever 21 "Pleated Polka Dot Skirt," $15.80
Ballet flats (not pictured -- She was wearing the cutest red flats. L.O.V.E.): Shoes: Gabriella Rocha "Neve," available at, $69

A super cute but super easy look: 
Photo courtesy
The real deal: Unknown designer(s)

Sky blue cardigan: J. Crew "Jackie Cardigan" in Lagoon, $62
Black lace cutout skirt: Forever 21 "A-Line Lace Skirt," $21.80
Opaque black tights: Forever 21 Textured Knit Tights, $8.80
Black kitten heels: rsvp "Allisyn," available at, $69

Sassy and classy: 
Photo courtesy
The real deal
Dress: Peter Som Resort 2012
Shoes: Unknown designer

Lace floral dress: by London Times, available at Macy's, $109
Shoes: Michael Michael Kors "Josie Peep," available at, $175

So, there you have it. So, if you really want to emulate your style star, invest in a great pair of flats, patterned mini skirts, solid tops, some killer frames, and the attitude to pull it off! Picking up these wardrobe staples will definitely take you from that girl to New Girl! 

Kiss Kiss,
Melissa, The Shop Therapist 

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