Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm behind on my DIY so try Maegans'!

So the original plan was to give you lovelies a DIY every Friday. Well, this lil girl has been slammed with (dental) work so I haven't been able to create the schmancy project that's been swirling around my over-sized noggin (It's a biggun. Trust. I broke my mom's tailbone when I was born. A pain in the ass from day 1!). Anyhooz, I invite my readers and you new perusers to visit my favorite fashion/DIY/lifestyle blog:

Photo courtesy Isn't she purdy? Plus she has a shoe collection that's T.D.F.!
She's like a sister from another mister, I swear. I absolutely adore Maegan's fashion sense and home decor (I love her dogs, too! A pug and a Frenchie!). So go on, click that link! But just remember to come back tomorrow to get some more Shop Therapy ;) 

Lovey Lovey!

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