Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Creative Christmas gifts on the cheap

Dear Shop Therapist, 
I'm low on funds this year and really want to avoid maxing out my already exhausted credit cards on buying Christmas gifts. I love my friends and family so I want to give them something nice. Do you have any ideas for great gifts on the cheap?
Fabulous & Broke 
Photo courtesy ashhd.blogspot.com

Oh, Fabulous & Broke,
I've been there more often than not. Trust me, even in a good economy your friends and family will understand if you don't buy them all iPads and trips to Bora Bora. Here are some guidelines and ideas to make your holidays (slightly) less stressful: 

1. Set a budget for each person on your list. You'd be surprised how much you can get for $20 -- And how much fun it can be bargain hunting and buying a bunch of silly little gifts. Shops like Fred Flare and local boutiques are perfect for tiny finds. Oh, and Fred Flare is having a 99 gifts under $9 sale! 

2. Don't be afraid to make your list shorter this year. Don't feel obligated to buy a gift for everyone you work with, every aunt, uncle, and cousin, or every friend on Facebook. 

3. Use your "forgotten funds." Your maxed out credit cards could be harboring a decent amount of accumulated "points." AmEx points can be used on a multitude of online shopping sites -- Including Amazon. Also, remember that gift card to JC Penny your great aunt gave you 3 years ago? Free up space in your wallet and use it to buy a few gifts. 

4. Bust out your craft bin or your inner baker! Handmade and homemade are great ways to say "Merry Christmas" on the cheap. I'm an avid Martha Stewart fan -- She has gift ideas for all levels of bakers and crafters. 

5. Try Etsy. If you don't have the time (or patience) for a DIY gift, there are thousands of crafters out there who do! Most prices are reasonable and you'll be helping out a small business in the process. 

6. Regift. I know this can be a gift faux-pas, but done correctly it can totally work. Just make sure the trail of gifting doesn't intersect (i.e. Don't regift something from your best friend to a mutual acquaintance. Things could get ugly). Also, make sure the gift isn't monogrammed, used, spoiled, or downright tacky. It's better to give a lovely card than to regift a dusty old bouquet of fake flowers. 

Remember the old saying that it's the thought that counts. And whatever your budget or crafty abilities, listen to Tim Gunn and...
Kiss Kiss and Happy Holidays! 
The Shop Therapist

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sanity for Santa: A few prescriptions for winter skin

Ok so this little therapist's life is going to be topsy-turvy for the next week so my Friday DIY adventures will have to wait. In lieu of a project, I'm leaving you buttons some gift ideas that just happen to be my most favoritest things to combat evil dry skin that I absolutely positively cannot live without! 

If the Body Shop ever discontinues these sticks of heaven, I will be beyond devastated. It's definitely my "stranded on a desert island item." This chapstick is perfect. It isn't shiny, there's no color, no overwhelming smell/taste, AND it has SPF 15 in it! In fact, I just put some on after I typed that last sentence. I've been using this chapstick for over 10 years. Trust me -- If it can get me through dry Colorado winters, it's good stuff. I've tried to use other less expensive brands but nothing compares to TBS's Vitamin E Lip Care. Anyone who knows me and has been around me when I can't find my chapstick, they know how spastic I become. I could seriously write a whole post about this mini miracle! 

So not only is Skin Kiss the greatest moisturizer ever, but it's also manufactured and sold by one of my bffs Haley. Her Denver-based store -- Haley's Heart -- is seriously the greatest store on the planet. And no, I'm not overselling it. They literally have something for everyone and if they don't have it, they'll find it. Ok, back to the Skin Kiss. I don't remember the whole story but from what I remember, Haley's mom created this glycerine-based all-over moisturizer a while back. You put it on after you shower and you're silky smooth and ready to move! This bottle will last you forever, too. HH doesn't have online ordering yet so give them a call and they'll hook you up! And if you're in Denver, pop in and plan on spending an hour shopping and another hour chatting with Haley and her family ;) 

MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask, $32
After I nearly destroyed my hair by having it bleached and straightened within an inch of its life, my hairdresser recommended (insisted, really) that I try MoroccanOil's Intense Hydrating Mask. Now that I'm two years removed from my bleached-out days and back to my natural (I think? It's been 15 years) color, I still use this hair mask at least twice a month to hydrate the ends of my almost-too-long hair. Not only have I learned my lesson when it comes to over processing my hair -- And spending money I don't have on salon visits -- But I've also learned about the amazeballs powers of argan oil. Made from the seeds of a special tree that can only grow in Morocco, argan oil is known for its restorative properties. I'm no chemist, but I'm in love with all things argan oil! 

NutraSonic 4-Speed Facial Cleansing System, $69.99
Confession time: I'm hopelessly addicted to the Home Shopping Network (or HSN as those of us in the know call it). It's so calming. In fact, it's helped stave off more than one panic attack. I could seriously watch Bill Green sell tap water at 2am. L.O.V.E. 
Anyhoozelbeez, my first HSN purchase was a NutraSonic cleanser. It's less than half the price of a Clarisonic and, IMO, just as effective. I use mine once or twice per week (any more and my face gets oily AND dry). I'm still shopping around for the perfect cleanser for my once awful/now better-ish skin, but for now, my Nutrasonic is what's doing the dirty work to make my skin shine -- In a good way! 

So, there you have it! My skin prescriptions to get any girl in any climate through gross winter skin. I'm totally leaving things out but winter is only just beginning here in Colorado so I'll be sharing more of my must-haves as the season progresses! 

Now, off to bed, you! Rest and hydration are the best (and cheapest!) beauty secrets for any season. 
Tater tots, 
Melissa, your Shop Therapist

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tarty tart tartan!

I absolutely adore plaid. Even after many years of wearing the most hideous tartan in Catholic school, I still love plaid. 

Being in my late-ish 20’s, I have been inspired by fashions worn in some killer ‘90s movies. Sure there have been some crazy ensembles that may lead to you being committed if you wore them today (think Christina Applegate's work wardrobe in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead). Two of the greatest fashion moments of the 90s (IMO) are Cher's yellow plaid skirt/blazer ensemble in Clueless and Corey's skirt/boots combo in Empire Records.

Cher in Clueless: I'm not sure of the name of the exact tartan Alicia Silverstone wears in Clueless, but “McLeod Dress Modern Tartan” comes pretty close! 

Photo courtesy Scottlandshop.com
Photo courtesy imdb.com

Finding a skirt (or anything, really) from regular stores in this yellow plaid is nearly impossible. So, your best bet is to order from retailers in the UK like Scottish Lion and Scotsweb. They have a great selection of kilts but blazers like Cher's aren't so easy to find, though. Thankfully, through the magic of the Internets, you can buy your chosen tartan online and take the fabric and a pattern to your local tailor (or your mom!). 

The vest, tee, knee socks, and Mary Janes are pretty easy to find so I'll leave that legwork up to you ;) Oh, and adding the beret is up to you. 

Liv Tyler in Empire Records
Ok so this is definitely one of my favorite looks from one of my favorite movies. Corey's sweater/skirt/Dr. Martens combo is a classic look. The Dr. Martens may seem a little out there, but to me, that's what fashion is. Combat boots and a pleated skirt isn't a logical combo, but it completes the outfit better than any other type of shoe. Here are the deets: 
Photo courtesy imdb.com
Her bright blue (slightly) cropped sweater is pretty easy to find. And if you can't find one that's the right length, be daring and grab the scissors. Just sew around the bottom so your sweater doesn't unravel. Plus, one of my favorite trends for fall/winter is slouchy Dr. Martens. This investment piece will carry from season to season. L.O.V.E.
Photo courtesy tartansauthority.com

As for the skirt (my favorite part), the "Campbell" tartan is a close match. Both Scottish Lion and Scotsweb carry skirts in this fabulous plaid. 

So there you have it! My two favorite plaid movie moments. So be Scottish for a day and play around with plaid! Just don't take it too far. It was cute when Britney did it back in '99 but we're all 12 years older and hopefully a little wiser. 


The Shop Therapist 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

Hey there, Buttons!
I'm feeling like such a terrible blogapist (blogger+therapist=blogapist!). I haven't been neglecting you little lovelies on purpose. In exactly 2 weeks my life will be a bit calmer and I'll have a lot more time to devote to answering your questions, sharing celeb style, and sharing my favorite things! At the moment, I'm working on a list of things I absolutely positively cannot live without.

In the mean time, check out Stitch Fix -- Your personal stylist online: http://l.aunch.it/Otoc I LOVE LOVE Stitch Fix and I can't wait for my next shipment to arrive :D

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Retail hell.

Shop Therapist, 
I work in retail and every year the holiday season takes the merry out of my Christmas the second I get to work on Black Friday. Do you have any tips for me to maintain my sanity and still be jolly by the time 12/25 rolls around?
Santa's Little Helper

Oh, Little Helper. I've been there many MANY times. I've worked more Black Fridays than I care to count. People are sick of their families complaining about raisins in the stuffing, they're hungover, and most likely sleep deprived from camping out at Best Buy/Kohl's/Target/Wal-Mart. They want super deals from your smaller retail outlet and get irate when everything is full price. 

Here are a few tips to ensure your sanity through the end of the holidays after the jump: 

  1. Comfortable shoes. Leave your cute heels behind. This is not the time for super cute. You'll most likely be running around like a crazy person so you'll most likely be cursing your favorite shoes after hour one. And it's totally not worth breaking a heel or getting a major scuff helping Ms. Pain in the Ass get the last red sweater off the mannequin on the top shelf. Oh, and bring a stash of Band-Aids and this nifty blister stick. Even your most comfortable dress code approved shoes can get painful. Brink a back-up pair just in case! 
  2. Advil before and after your shifts. Add wine as needed. A mani pedi is a must come the new year. Depending on the number of hours you've worked, I'd say you deserve a 90-minute massage too. 
  3. Thick skin. Crazed bargain hunters and harried husbands and wives get a major case of the crazies this time of year. As much as it may hurt, fight back with kindness. A smile and a "thank you" can go a long way this time of year. 
  4. Hand sanitizer. People are gross. When you can't leave the floor, a little Purel could save you from having a nasty cold during busy season. 
  5. And most importantly: A sense of humor and as positive of an attitude as you can muster. This happy time of year can unfortunately bring out the worst in people. Being able to go to the stock room and laugh with coworkers even if it's just for a minute or two can relieve enough stress to get back out on the floor to tackle another hour or so. 
If any of my fellow therapists out there have more bits of wisdom, share them in the comments section below. Best of luck to all of you retailers out there! Just remember that Santa is on his way! 

Keep your head in the game and be thankful for everything good in your life (including what I hope is a killer discount!). 
Kiss Kiss!
The Shop Therapist

A New Girl Thanksgiving!

I’m still trying to find my exact blog “niche” so I’ve decided to dedicate a blog post once a week to the fashions on one of my favorite shows. If it becomes too tedious or obnoxious, I’ll find something else to talk about. But for now, here’s a fashion breakdown of Tuesday night’s (11/15/2011) The New Girl. I know, another post dedicated to Zooey Deschanel but I can’t help it! She’s a total button with amazing style (and presumably an amazing stylist).

Photo courtesy fox.com
Ok, here we go! If I can’t find the exact designer, I’ll find a fabulous substitute for my fellow Zooeyphiles. (Note that I don’t own the rights to these screen shots. They belong to Fox, obvi.) Oh, and I apologize for the crappy quality. The episode isn't available on Hulu yet so the pics are a bit bootleggy :-/ I'll update this post as soon as I can find better pics! 

Look 1: Floral dress and cardi (Ok, another aside -- I couldn't get a great shot of the whole ensemble where she wasn't holding "America's Last Turkey"). 

Dress: Daffy Floral Print Gathered Dress, $245

Cardi: Banana Republic Merino Wool Cardigan, $69.50

Ballet flats: J. Crew Cece Suede Ballet Flats in bright flame, $128

Look 2: T-shirt and jeans

Apron: I’m willing to bet the apron Jess is wearing is a one of a kind. Since we all aren’t amazing with the sewing machine, I would browse Etsy.

Tee: (Seen here in an earlier episode) I can’t find it for sale anywhere but I’m hoping someone sells them soon. In the mean time, you can make your own on sites like www.customink.com and www.cafepress.com.

Jeans: In the (very few) pictures I’ve seen of ZD in pants, she’s wearing deep indigo jeans. Get the look (and the PERFECT fit) in these Levi’s Curve ID jeans.

Look 3: Red dress

3 months rent: Lanvin Silk-Gazar Dress, $3,665
Ramen for a week or two: Diane von Furstenberg Madeline Dress, $417 

Bow/headband: Yet another Etsy search. It’s such a great way to find custom/vintage/handmade/repurposed items – Plus you’re supporting small businesses!

Look 4: You’re on your own with the turkey costume ;)

Leave a comment below if you stumble across other fashion finds!
Kiss Kiss!
Melissa, Your Shop Therapist

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Real talk Tuesday

Hi. I'm Melissa and I have panic and anxiety disorder. 

Ok, so I know this is a fashion blog, but I figure if you guys like me enough to visit this silly little blog, you won't mind if I took a step back from fashion talk to talk about my issues with mental health stuff. 

Yesterday was a day filled with doctors, prescriptions, and a visit to my therapist -- A very fashion-free day. One thing we discussed is how important it is to connect with others, overly anxious people and the rest of the world (at least that's how I see it in my over-simplified way). Two weeks ago when I started this blog, I had no idea people from all corners of the globe would be reading my silly rantings and ravings on what I think is fun/funky/worth wearing. So to each and every one of my readers, THANK YOU! Your visits to my bloggidy blog make my heart turn big and sparkly. 

Back to fashion talk tomorrow! In the mean time, check out Zoe Saldana's new web-venture myfdb.com for an INSANE amount of fashion, photography, and editorials. 

As an aside, I believe that mental health is just as important as physical health and that everyone can benefit from some type of counseling or therapy (not just shop therapy!). Don't be afraid to venture out and talk to a professional. Ok, I'm stepping down off my soapbox. 

Kiss Kiss,
Melissa, The Shop Therapist

Sunday, November 13, 2011

How's it going, Susie? Nice camel toe.

Photo courtesy amysedarisrocks.com

Amy Sedaris is about as unconventional as they come. From her attitude to her style, Amy is in a class of her own. If you haven’t heard of her, you’re missing out. She’s probably best known as Jerri Blank on Strangers with Candy (if you've seen the seen the movie/tv show, I'm guessing you appreciate the title of this post) and as author David Sedaris’s sister, but she’s making a name for herself in the DIY and fashion world. Her two books, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence and ­­Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, have become New York Times best sellers and she has had small yet memorable parts in numerous TV shows and movies.

At 50, this Raleigh, NC native is still making the rounds on nighttime talk shows. Her latest appearance Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was so insanely hilarious I think I’ve watched it 30 times. When I’m having a blah kind of day, I watch her YouTube clips and I feel reenergized and inspired (watch some of the clips with her and Martha Stewart. DIE). Her carefree attitude helps me remember that whatever is going on isn’t such a big deal. Have a cupcake and get on with your life! 

Her Lucille Ball-esque dresses and aprons add to her beyond quirky personality. Her dressmaker, Mary Adams, apparently only has 9 fingers (a fact that Amy readily shared during a visit to Letterman). From what I’ve heard, many of Amy’s dresses and aprons have been custom made either by Mary or by Adam Selman. While I admit they would look silly on most people, seeing her in anything else is just, well, weird. Her unique style definitely matches her one of a kind personality.

Photo courtesy thecitylifestylist.com
I absolutely ADORE Amy Sedaris. Head-to-toe, inside-and-out, Amy Sedaris is positively fabulous. Oh, and did I mention that she sells homemade cheese balls and cupcakes at a deli in NYC? L.O.V.E. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm officially theshoptherapist.com!

My domain registrar (or whatever it's called) finally worked things out and we're once again on speaking terms. So, that means that I have successfully figured out how to redirect my Blogger blog to my own schmancy mancy address! You can find me by going directly to www.theshoptherapist.com -- Or you can still find me using my old Blogger address. 

Oh, and for some reason the internets are being slow so you may need to refresh the page a time or two if you get a 404 error. But if you're reading this now, I guess you've gotten past that nonsense! 

Time for bed. An all-day migraine is so last season. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm behind on my DIY so try Maegans'!

So the original plan was to give you lovelies a DIY every Friday. Well, this lil girl has been slammed with (dental) work so I haven't been able to create the schmancy project that's been swirling around my over-sized noggin (It's a biggun. Trust. I broke my mom's tailbone when I was born. A pain in the ass from day 1!). Anyhooz, I invite my readers and you new perusers to visit my favorite fashion/DIY/lifestyle blog: www.lovemaegan.com.

Photo courtesy lovemaegan.com. Isn't she purdy? Plus she has a shoe collection that's T.D.F.!
She's like a sister from another mister, I swear. I absolutely adore Maegan's fashion sense and home decor (I love her dogs, too! A pug and a Frenchie!). So go on, click that link! But just remember to come back tomorrow to get some more Shop Therapy ;) 

Lovey Lovey!

The (wannabe) New Girl

Dear Shop Therapist,

So I’m loving the Zooey Deschanel’s cutesey-hipster-carefree look. She’s so cute and quirky but I don’t know where to begin. What are a few outfit options to get me on the right track so I don’t look like I’m homeless or trying too hard?

The (wannabe) New Girl

Oh hey there, New Girl!

Zooey D’s new show is my new favorite and her style is so fantastic. She makes glasses, flats, and zainy prints so effortlessly chic. Here are a few outfit options ranging from “I actually have enough cash in my wallet to pay for this whole outfit” to “Imma spend my whole paycheck and cereal for dinner for 2 weeks.”

Here are a few of my favorite looks. I’ve looked at various photos all day and I swear this girl rarely wears pants! I mean, she’s always wearing bottoms – It’s just usually a skirt or a dress. As for Zooey's hair, she claims to have had the same hairstyle since she was a kid (minus the year she went blonde -- Which she says was "weird). Long dark waves and thick bangs frame her face so her glasses don't overwhelm her face. Also, ZD doesn't overdo it with accessories. Aside from her now-signature frames and the occasional small earring, she lets her clothes do the talking. 

Speaking of glasses, this post wouldn't be complete without info on this new it girl's specs. I don't need glasses, but I'm really tempted to pick up some Ray Ban Wayfarers with clear lenses ;) 

Photo courtesy tvfanatic.com
The real deal: Oliver Peoples "Wacks Optical Eyeglasses," $320

Break the bank:  Oliver Peoples "Wacks Optical Eyeglasses," $320
Pricey, but justifiable: Ray Ban "Wayfarers," $159
I don't need prescription frames but I love this look: Urban Outfitters "Clarkeye Readers," $14

A favorite look from this week's The New Girl
Photo courtesy usmagazine.com
The real deal: Unknown designer(s) 

Kelly green long sleeve crew neck sweater: J. Crew "Tippi Sweater" in Monterey Pine, $69.50
Polka dot shorts (I thought it was a skirt at first, but re-watched the epi and realized they're shorts. Oops!): ModCloth "Pep in Your Step" shorts, $44.99 - or- Forever 21 "Pleated Polka Dot Skirt," $15.80
Ballet flats (not pictured -- She was wearing the cutest red flats. L.O.V.E.): Shoes: Gabriella Rocha "Neve," available at Zappos.com, $69

A super cute but super easy look: 
Photo courtesy smallscreenscoop.com
The real deal: Unknown designer(s)

Sky blue cardigan: J. Crew "Jackie Cardigan" in Lagoon, $62
Black lace cutout skirt: Forever 21 "A-Line Lace Skirt," $21.80
Opaque black tights: Forever 21 Textured Knit Tights, $8.80
Black kitten heels: rsvp "Allisyn," available at Zappos.com, $69

Sassy and classy: 
Photo courtesy People.com
The real deal
Dress: Peter Som Resort 2012
Shoes: Unknown designer

Lace floral dress: by London Times, available at Macy's, $109
Shoes: Michael Michael Kors "Josie Peep," available at Zappos.com, $175

So, there you have it. So, if you really want to emulate your style star, invest in a great pair of flats, patterned mini skirts, solid tops, some killer frames, and the attitude to pull it off! Picking up these wardrobe staples will definitely take you from that girl to New Girl! 

Kiss Kiss,
Melissa, The Shop Therapist 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Therapy Thursday moved to Friday...

Well hey there! 
I had superfuntimes at the dentist again today so I'm a lil loopy and super sleepy. So, in lieu of a full post tonight, I'll leave you with a preview of Friday's Therapy Thursday. You know what I mean, right? 

Here's a letter to the editor of Vogue from 14 years ago. Who knew just a few short years later, this young woman would be rewriting the book on beauty in so many ways? 
More on Miss Deschanel tomorrow. Stay tuned, my fashion patients! 


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fashionably comfortable

So I’m technically job-impaired at the moment so What I Wore Wednesday should technically include sweatpants and the so-so outfit I threw on to go to an appointment today. Since that’s boring (and frankly kinda sad), here’s what I wore last week to the endodontist. What’s an endodontist you might ask? Well, from what I’ve gathered, it’s a fancy dentist who only does root canals. 

For my new fancy cyberspace friends who don’t know about my crazies, I get panic attacks. A lot. So the whole idea of being at the mercy of a fancy dentist with a drill made me freak out more than usual. One of my solutions was to find the most comfortable outfit possible that incorporated some of my favorite things. This solution also broke one of my top 5 fashion rules: Never wear fake pants (sweats, yoga pants, pajamas, etc.) out of the house unless you’re going to the gym. But that’s a rant for another time.

Anyhoozelbees, I knew I had to wear a good luck charm. I’m superstitious and love to accessorize, so wearing my great grandmother’s butterfly necklace was a no-brainer. It has major sentimental value and it practically goes with anything.

As for the rest of the outfit, you can never go wrong with Lululemon if you’re looking for comfortable style. My friend Haley introduced me to this (rather pricey!) Canadian retailer a few years ago. I have to admit that the few pieces I’ve been able to afford have been well worth the investment and are in heavy rotation on do-nothing days. So, here’s the rundown:

-       Tank: Lululemon Bliss Tank in blush pink
-       Pants: Lululemon Still Pant in heather charcoal (a huge pain to track down. Big upps to the Greenwich, CT store for hooking a girl up!)
-       Sweater: J. Crew cotton summer weight sweater in grey/white
-       Shoes: My old and nearly destroyed Converse low-tops (Note that I almost opted for something cuter and, well, less disgusting but as I said I wanted comfort)
-       Purse (not pictured): My giant brown leather J. Crew tote which held my water bottle and Bumbles. I may be 28, but this was one of those times I needed my teddy bear ;)

Comforted by the trippy music from my spiritual healer and a little bit of Bjork, I made it through the root canal with not too much pain and a greater appreciation for oral hygiene. And while not completely fashionable, I think I looked pretty good considering! But no, I did not take photos. I may have done my hair and put on makeup, but after 2 hours in the fancy dentist's chair, I was in no mood to smile for the camera. 


Don't forget to brush, floss, and rinse! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

That is just too much fashion

A big hello to my slowly-but-steadily growing audience! I hope my rantings and ravings on fashion, etc. haven’t put you to sleep! If you like my blog, pass the link around to friends. The more followers I get, the more encouraged I’ll be to keep posting about zazzy glittery things!

Ok, onto Tuesday’s topic (just under the wire!): Bargain hunting. Now I know I already said that I may not be the next Andre Leon Talley (drapey capes and fur hats have never been my thing anyway. That is just too much fashion.), the one thing I do know is how to get a good deal. But, just like how I’ll never be the (large) Editor-At-Large at Vogue, I’ll never be on TLC’s Extreme Couponers.

For me, paying retail hurts 98% of the time. If it’s something I absolutely-must-have-omg-I’ll-die-if-I-don’t-buy-it-RIGHTNOW, I’ll find a way to make it work – Even if it means eating ramen for a few weeks and reading by candle light to save on my electricity bill. I have a closet full of shoes and jeans that are evidence of my 2% cave-in. Also, getting Apple to discount anything is nearly impossible. Although I was able to use my student discount on my MacBook (no dice on the iPhone, though). Another thing I don’t mind paying full retail for are basics: Jeans, tees and tanks from Forever 36, and TP. Even in my most cash-poor college days I insisted on Charmen. Oh, and sushi. Never go cheap when it comes to fish, especially in land-locked states like Colorado (lesson. learned.).

Anyhoozelbeez, enough about toilet paper and bad fish. You’re probably wondering how I can finagle discounts on the more fabulous things in life. Truth: I bought a brand new pair of Louboutins for $80 and a pair of AH-mazing Stella McCartney wedges for $89. I must admit that it’s 50% luck (it’s been 3 years and I have yet to see another pair of Louboutins at Nordie’s Rack), and 50% shopping addiction. When I see something I like, I track it down with Google. For example, I saw Vanessa Hudgens wearing these killer OTK boots (which were also panned in US Weekly, but I still L.O.V.E.).

Photo courtesy thefablife.com
Obviously when US is panning a celeb, they aren’t going to credit the designer. So, I searched for “Vanessa Hudgens boots” (be careful not to search for "Vanessa Hudgens boobs." You'll find some things that I'm sure Mickey Mouse would not approve of).  Long story short, I found the boots at some random boutique store in New England for half-off retail. I went one step further and found a coupon code for free shipping. Bada boom, bada bing!

I have so so many thrifty ways to save so this is just the tip top of my glittery iceberg! Subscribe to my bliggity blog so you don’t miss a minute of this mess that is my life!

Hugs and Kisses!
Melissa, The Shop Therapist

It's pink and it's glittery and I have to have it!

Ok, so I'm taking a break from regularly scheduled programming to bring you this slice of fabulous:
Photo courtesy modaoperandi.com
I know it's a bit wacky/tacky/umforserious? but j'adore! I have a weird space above my headboard and right now it's just full of a jumbled collage/mess of photos. I obvi can't afford so much as a spec of glitter from Centrepoint so I think a DIY is in my very near future! That and about 20 lbs of pink glitter and a bolt of satin ribbon ;)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rae Marie: Denver's Home Town Hauteness

When researching new designers to feature for my first New Designer Monday, I really wanted to feature a young designer from my home town of Denver, CO. I knew instantly who I should choose. The Fashion House of Rae Marie's creations are absolutely s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g. With designer Rachel Hurst at the helm, Rae Marie is, in my opinion, on the cusp of hitting the big time.

Photo courtesy fashionsbyraemarie.com
Between Rachel Hurst and Mondo Guerra of Project Runway Season 8 fame, Denver is climbing the fashion ranks - fast. Rae Marie's brilliant use of color, pattern, and texture combined with a fearless fashion attitude have created a Fall RTW 2012 collection that is to die for. Her tagline "sexy...edgy...chic" perfectly describes her style.

Photo courtesy fashionsbyraemarie.com & thejamesstudio.com
Most pieces are made to order, adding to the uniqueness of this Denver girl's fashion line. With all of those fabulous holiday parties looming, I can't wait to add a piece (or three) from The Fashion House of Rae Marie. Check out her omg-must-have-now pieces for sale at the Indie Fashion Marketplace.

Kiss Kiss!
Your Shop Therapist

Monday, Monday

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I'm still working on getting this bloggidy blog as fancy as you, my little fashion patients! Help a girl out and follow me on Bloglovin'! In the mean time, I'll be scouting out new designers, looking at pictures of pretty shoes, and making some fun stuff!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Style Icon Sunday: IMAN

The Style Therapist's inaugural Style Icon is none other than IMAN.  

Photo courtesy tessmanagement.com

Undeniably gorgeous and amazingly talented, this student-turned-model-turned-mogul has been a staple on the fashion scene since she was first discovered in the early 1970s. A native of Somalia, this one-name powerhouse is Yves Saint-Laurent's "dream woman."

Photo courtesy ImanCosmetics.com

Photo courtesy ImanCosmetics.com 

Now 56 (56! Holy genetic lottery!), Iman has retired from the pages of Vogue and can now be seen on HSN selling affordable and versatile accessories, handbags, and clothing to women across the country. Oh, and she was the first to create, market, and manufacture makeup for women with darker skin tones. AH-mazing!

Her husband of nearly 20 years is no slouch in the icon department either. David Bowie (aka Ziggy Stardust) has been turning heads by challenging the rules of fashion for decades. This duo continues to innovate and inspire both the fashion and music world. L.O.V.E.!

Photo courtesy Zimbo.com